Consulting firm in Change Management 

Our role is to accompany our customers in lead transformations, to identify new opportunities and to answer the challenges of competitiveness of the company by providing flexibility and a guarantee of performance proactivity.

You are a Major account, a SME-TPE, or another "Private individual" and you join a logic of change, our firm can meet your need.

We shall bring you all the necessary and complementary informations to the elaboration of your project and its implementation.


Our firm is committed to implement his pragmatic solutions based on its proven methodologies.

  • Your Corporate Culture
  • Your Information System
  • Your Structure
  • Your Management

The delivery of an innovative consulting to accompany the transformation until the operational implementation which will allow you to gain:

    • In Performance
    • In Competitiveness
    • And to Streamline your costs

An Expert in advice at your disposal

Convinced that the success of a project requires support, our firm will accompany you in your change management projects.

We help the customers to rethink the manners to work and to manage well the size, the reach and the rhythm of the projects of transformation to answer the evolution of the market demand.

Thanks to our practical and proven approach to the best change, the leaders can transform the strategies and the initiatives into results.

Managing changes... in a world of ever-changing work,

                      And thus to ensure the company's ability to change.
The Quality of Life at Work - QLW
6 mentalities of purchasing behaviour
A practical framework approach to change

Our references

Wishing to meet your need, We are tell you Soon !!!

  • Key Accounts Sales Engineer, Paris, compensation 90k
  • IT Project Manager, Paris, compensation 50K€ 
The business function at the core of business transformation.

the Economy's Transformation
Customer Culture - Process - Quality

Barometer: 3rd Edition

Pyramid of Needs : Maslow

  • Professional and Personal Needs
  • Personality and Motivations

EDB Postgres Boot Camp

November 22, 2017

User experience, Digital transformation

November 23, 2017



Our firm combines market knowledge, crafts and new technological processes to develop tailor-made solutions.

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