A strategic change for your Business 

Meet the needs of companies in terms of transformations while taking into account the constraints of value and vision, of costs and deadline essential drivers of compliance with commitment are the ambitions of our consulting.


We will give your company the wherewithal to:

I.   Design the relevant strategy responding to his needs

II. To make this change an element of:  

    • Differenciation
    • Sustainable Performance 
    • And Success

The overwhelming majority of changes fails!!!

    ->The reasons 

The skills necessary for the control of the implementation of the change in their organization are not available internally.

       Change Management is not one of their key skills.

Choosing us, is about choosing a truly qualified provider with whom you can build a strong relationship in a trusted environment. This is essential.
Proximity may not be an option.
Adaptability and availability are as many boxes as it is necessary to make sure to check off in order to have the guarantee of a mission actually carried out.

Our references

Wishing to meet your need, We are tell you Soon !!!

The QLW : The quality of life at work
Key elements of success

Our partner ->IDF Consulting

6 mentalities of purchasing behaviour
The business function at the core of business transformation.

The economy's Transformation
Customer Culture - Process - Quality

Barometer : 3rd Edition


  • Professional and personal needs
  • Personality and motivations

EDB Postgres Boot Camp

November 22, 2017

User experience, Digital transformation

November 23, 2017



A market knowledge, crafts and new technological processes to develop tailor-made solutions.

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