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The Transformation of the Economy: Structural and Conjunctural Changes

The transformation of our economy is accompanied by an evolution of organizations that leads to change the modes of representation of the company by the actors (customer Culture, quality, process)...

This will add a style of management that he will also known mutations.

It will have to answer four main logics:

         * A logic of construction
         * A logic of prescription
         * A logic of adaptation
         * And a logic of crisis

We are therefore led to transform ourselves, to renew ourselves, to adapt ourselves to this new situation and, consequently, to rethink our life position.

The objective will therefore be to move towards an autonomy which is based on:

  • Capacity of Consciousness
  • Capacity of Spontaneity 
  • Capacity for Privacy
For some, this represents a risk in the light of the uncertainties caused by this upheaval. Fear (this renewal) can be legitimate (no short-term visibility), but must not create resistance to change. 


Understanding and overcoming resistance to change

Behaviors could be listed and that can be noticed in the chaotic or disrupted dynamics: 

¦ Avoidance syndrome for those who refuse to see reality

¦ Catalog syndrome for those who categorize actors' communities to excess and lock them into predetermined behaviors

¦ Tetany Syndrome for those who are unable to decide as soon as complexity gains

In other words, we must develop our ability to overcome these syndromes and integrate this or these degrees of uncertainty to avoid resistance and for some to fail.

This is why the analysis of symptoms and the treatment of their causes are essential.


What part of the responsibilities entrust to the leadership statutory and what else can be attributed to a participatory process?  

The QLW : The quality of life at work

Communication in project mode

Customer Culture - Process - Quality

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