A Cyber Security awareness campaign

A Cyber security awareness


A successful awareness program often comes down to whether your organisation’s leadership supports it.

Without executive support, securing adequate funding and resources is difficult and, without them, a security awareness project is limited in what it can achieve.

When senior management are considering the validity of a digital transformation project, they’re already assessing various business risks along with potential upside benefits.

  • The challenge is to approach the project from a risk perspective and attempt to ensure security and data protection risks are ranked alongside financial and other business exposure.
  • Digital transformation projects allow opportunities for cyber security awareness to piggyback a much larger corporate initiative.
  • Including communications relating to a digital transformation project as part of your annual cyber security awareness project will increase its relevance to the business and assist with efforts to increase the profile of security among the leadership team.

A cyber security awareness campaign needs as many friends as it can get. Your organisation already has people who are active.

They report on incidents, simulated phishing attacks and provide feedback.

They understand the damage that cyber risk poses to the organisation.

Embrace these users : To make sure that everyone understands their responsibility, you want to rely on these users in your organisation.

    -» Ensuring executive support

    -» Putting together a campaign plan

    -» Creating a baseline for your strategy

    -» Knowing what success looks like

    -» Considering a hybrid approach


What do you think about this cyber security awareness approach within your enterprise?

10 best Practices are associated this fact.


1.  Start with CEO Leadership

2.  Know Your Organisational Tolerances

3.  Defend Your Information Assets

4.  Focus on High-Risk Groups

5. Make It Engaging with Effective Storytelling

6.  Get Your Policy Management Up To Date

7.  Start Preparing for a Data Breach Now

8.  Enlist Cyber Security Champions

9.  Consider Your Supply Chain

10. Implement Proper Oversight and Regular Reviews

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