Range of services
The QLW : The quality of life at work


Range of services

Concerned about the quality of life at work (QLW), we can meet your wishes:

  • Attracting and Retention
  • Understand the business attractiveness of the company

Funding for this project can be provided through the IWCF :

Improving Working Conditions Fund 

The IWCF supports enterprises for experimental projects in terms of improving working conditions in line with the priorities set by the State and the ANACT.
You will benefit from a quality provider with whom you can have the guarantee of a mission really to carry out.

-> Several levers are therefore to be considered to support service quality requirements:

  • Communication and Engagement, (stakeholders, Sponsorship) reflection with all stakeholders to integrate the entire ecosystem of the structure or institution.
  • Foster meaning, (having an aligned life) and an organization that offers everyone a zone of influence and action and therefore of fulfilment: A participatory, strategic and operational process. It is the collective dimension.
  • Build a work environment conducive to psychological safety and therefore the ability to detect and resolve anything that hinders the quality of a job well done, the transparency of decision-making circuits and the regulation of conflicts. - Proactive system - Accountability.
  • Promote recognition: Validation - Action, rewards, people, investment, usefulness, occupation (Recognize learning, progress in a trade and skills).
  • Regulate the intensity and complexity of the work.

It is the reinforcement of the commitment and the improvement of the image of the employee towards his company and therefore his ability to be an ambassador of the latter.

"At home, it’s good to live". It’s all the attractiveness for the company and the loyalty of the employees who are strengthened. See turnover. Other native effects will be improved competitiveness and better mobilization of human potential.

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The QLW : The quality of life at work
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