HR solution : Banking & Insurance

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We are pleased to offer you a range of HR outsourcing solutions in the Banking & Insurance sector on the following trades:

-> Bank accounting

-> IFRS standards, in particular IFRS 9

-> Statutory consolidation

-> Regulatory reporting, in particular Basel III reporting (FINREP, COREP, leverage ratio, LCR, NSFR, Asset Encumbrance, MREL, etc.)

-> Surfi / Banque de France reporting

-> ALM and liquidity

-> Market risk

-> Credit risk

-> Internal control and operational risk

Our added value

Provide a resource that is not only adequate but above all available on time.


Wishing to meet your needs!

The QLW : The quality of life at work

Communication in project mode

Customer Culture - Process - Quality

Our partner ->IDF Consulting

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November 23, 2017

EDB Postgres Boot Camp

November 22, 2017


  • Professional and personal needs
  • Personality and motivations


A market knowledge, crafts and new technological processes to develop tailor-made solutions.

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