Prospect Feed back
Prospect's feed back
Change management

Our prospection led us to a prospect registered in a logic of Change Management policy.

  • An audit of the situation: Analysis and Diagnosis
  • A presentation of the Action Plan
  • A commercial proposal

At the end, this prospect tells us that he will come back to us because this proposal meets these expectations.

We realize, indeed that we have made "fly". Others will tell you, a "beautiful fishing".

But here, the story is spoiled!

Prospect's feed back: Finally no, we'll see later!

Us: Totally dubitative

Respecting the customer's choice, we are eclipsing ourselves.

Six months later, we received an email from the latter totally embittered, defeated by his current situation:

  • Deleterious climate within the company - Problem of recognition of competence at the hierarchical level
  • Numerous communication nodes within the different departments - Commercial management - Customer relationship management - Process manager
The organization no longer responds to this new reality, which is its own.
In other words, it's the failure.
The latter accuses us of not having insisted enough ???
Should he take his hand? In short, we became dependent on the decision?
It's crazy as perception !!!!
In the end, this is an opportunity lost by us and a charge of non-assistance to anyone in danger.
It's a joke, will you tell me?
Our surveys are targeted, qualified and we always commit to our credibility, integrity and willingness to bring about changes that matter and respond to your reality.
Our approach is not just commercial.
It is part of a real desire to provide support to leaders in their conquest of new markets or simply in a concern for continuous improvement to meet their prerogatives.
* Béramis Pascal Ernest
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                                                                 In competitiveness
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We wanted to share this.

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Wishing to meet your need, We are tell you Soon !!!

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